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No other country so young and so small has had such a global cultural influence as the land of Marcus Garvey, Louis Bennett, Bob Marley and Usain Bolt. ‘Jamaica Fi Real’ provides an in depth look at Jamaica’s people, history. music, sports, religion and culture, creating a vivid twenty-first century portrait of perhaps the world’s most fascinating island.


Author of the bestselling book: Reggae Routes – The Story of Jamaican Music, longstanding newspaper columnist (Jamaican Observer & Jamaican Gleaner), Kevin O’Brien Chang paints a real and insightful portrait of Jamaica.


Lavishly illustrated with 256 images featuring places to go, foods to eat, religious practices and cultural and historical icons, no other book on or about Jamaica provides such an in depth, honest and creative representation of Jamaica as ‘Jamaica Fi Real’

Paperback: 256 pages


It will engage Jamaican’s at home and abroad as well as people wanting to visit the country and anyone who has an interest in Jamaican history, culture and lifestyle.

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Jamaica Fi Real

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